Friday, 9 September 2011

Beijing 2011 Millitary Museum 军博


We were visiting Military Museum in Beijing. It was Daddy's idea. Anette was together with Daddy to see what he is interested in. I brought Anja along with me. There was a military art exhibition so I had some thing to see. Unfortunately, it was a not nice one for me though. Maybe I am biased to the word " Military". 

The museum was built in 50's . It is an architecture in  the style of former Soviet Union. The scale and volume of space is huge,  the lighting is tremendous,  the materials which are used are spectacular. ...It is so interesting to experience these Communist Architectures coming back to China. The years of living in a capitalist country have given me some new perspective to look at the things which I was grown up with in China. ...not easy to articulate though.

The lady with 3 children in the painting  is Mao's first wife. She was killed in the Civil war during 30's. 


kenza said...

Oh I understand you well. Yes massive structures to dwarf man in front of the greatness of the "state"! I see a lot of that where I am right now...
Your photos are beautiful especially the ones with the staircase and your lovely little girl!
Take care my sweet and have a lovely weekend!

Amélie said...

Dear Fei An, I admire how you manage to capture the feeling of vastness of this massive and overwhelming architectures. I still remeber them vividly. Beautifull photos, maginfied by the B&W. Beautiful light by the window. Wish you and the girls a nice week end, enjoyeing the last summer days...

alliot + iza said...

My dear Fei An, your pictures are so beautiful! You are writing poems with light. I enjoy the volume of space so much ... your pictures remind me our days in Beijing.
I'm so delighted to see your new collection. Totally thrilled by the green! I would love to say thank you for your warm words. Miss you and your two little angels :)