Monday, 22 August 2011

Naive Days 2011-2012 Autumn Winter Collection -----China Blue



My dear friends, it is another season. I am busy of taking pictures of Naive Days 2011-2012 Autumn Winter Collection.  The plan is to make everything ready for sale by the end of August.  Can not wait to share with you a few pictures of the collections in the first place. As for the pictures of our China trip, just be a little bit patient. It is coming soon while I need to finish taking pictures of  Naive Days 2011-2012 Autumn Winter Collection first :). Have a great start of a wonderful week!  Thanks for your warm comments-----they brighten my heart.  


Di said...

The blue is lovely! I am sure AW 2011 is going to be a great collection. Did you find lovely fabric in China? I haven't been crafting at all recently - not really at all this year - not good - must get my crafting desire back somehow!

Yoli said...

This is beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the collection. Did you get to go to Inner Mongolia?

kenza said...

Beautiful beautiful cobalt bleu! I love it all. I am so happy to see these smiles again and know you are just a key stroke away...

alexandra said...

Can't wait the new collection!!!
(here, at home, late as usual! :o))

Justine said...

So happy to see your new posts! did you receive my mail about your present?

Amélie said...

Dear fei An,
Oh! I love this beautiful blue. This dress, the shirt, both perfect on Anja. And what a gorgeous smile. I'm so happy to see the girls again. I also love the light on your pictures.
Great new collection¨... I guess you must be very busy, just back from China with the colection and the girls back to school... have a nice time and enjoy the end of summer im scandinavia... I miss scandinavian lights.