Wednesday, 6 April 2011


大湖下面 , 春流涌动。

Under the ice of big lake, spring water is rushing fiercely.

Anette sit in the car and shouted: " The sun is coming out. Quick! Mummy, take pictures!"

She noticed something I like to do :)




Sunlight spot on my bed sheet....


Amélie said...

Oh I love how you capture Norwegian spring light. So special, pale and radiant altogether. So vivid; in all your spring posts. It's like I can feel the sound and smell of the melting ice...
Love the picture of Anette in the car (how it is possible to take a beautiful in a car remains a complete mystery to me !)

Yanyan said...

Welcome Spring! 真是一个世外桃源!Anette 的笑容好像妈妈。

Yoli said...

Oh! such an amazingly beautiful picture! I am so glad that she is asked you to capture it.

Anette is so lovely and serene in that image.

kenza said...

Rushing Spring water, rays of sunshine and your beautiful little girl! Perfection!

alliot + iza said...

如詩的意境。看這片白色, 想像潛藏的生機。
Anette is sweet. My mum would say, "The sun is out. Hide :)" She's always with an umbrella. But, i don't like to take an umbrella even when it's raining.