Friday, 4 March 2011

Naive Days 2011 Spring / Summer Collection" Jasmine Bloom 茉莉花开 " 7 如影 The Shadow

I don't have professional lighting, but I have a window and my old friend Canon 400D:)

I wait patiently and anxiously for 14:30, 3 days a week, while the magical light would come into my little studio from the window and Anja comes back from School.

That is the most exciting hour of the day. No matter if it is cloudy or clear blue sky outside, the light from the window never make me disappointed, neither does Anja.

Then I sit still in front of the computer and edit the pictures for hours and got always nice and positive comments from my dear blog friends from all over the world. ...I suppose this is the most rewarding part of this journey. Pure joy!

Thank you, all my dear friends, thank you for all your nice, warm and encouraging words and inspiration. They are just so precious....

100% linen top and skirt by Naive Days. Come to my online shop 8th of March.


Amélie said...

Dear Fei An, how beautifully you catch the light of the day ! This shadow post is one of my favourite (though since you started you Sprinf/Summer series, every new one becomes my favourite !)
These lights and shadows look like a dream, inhabited by the fair presence of Anja, long having forgotten the camera and dancing with ligh.
Escially love the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th, 10th, 11th ....

kenza said...

Oh but you deserve these comments and encouragements! Your posts are lovely. I always feel like you are taking me to a beautiful, tender and graceful place full of light. Thank you!
Your black and white photos are truly amazing!
Kisses to the model... she is adorable!

alliot + iza said...

These images are poetic.