Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Naive Days 2011 Spring / Summer "My China Girl 1---- Have Fun with an Apple""

Well, I am slow but on the way. Naive Days 2011 Spring & Summer begins with this white linen dress from "My China Girl " series . I really enjoy this phase of styling and photographing. And I will take my time to enjoy it :p). So fun! The whole collection should be ready and come to store by the end of February or in the beginning of March.

100% linen white robe with embroidered front panel by Naive Days.





Di said...

Fei - the top is beautiful and the photos great - I can't wait to see how the collection develops over the next few weeks.

May said...

I love this dress, and the embroidered front panel is so beautiful! Did you hand embroider it all??

Yoli said...


Amélie said...

Fei An ! yes, that's outstanding really. Your work is stunning. The photos so poetic and Anja so graceful. How beautiful she is wearing that dress. I like her bright smile on the 3rd picture.

alliot / iza said...

How great, dear Fei An!!
So excited to see your S/S collection.
Anja looks gorgeous in the blouse!
Love her cute smile in the 5th picture :)
Can't wait to see the whole collection!

sonoko said...

How can you produce such a wonderful clothing?
I feel light spring wind from this blouse. It impresses firmly in the mind. I love it very much.
Anja is ...Oh I can't express in words well, Anja is wonderful,cute,
and elegant...

kitchu said...

seriously in love with this design... stunning!

Yanyan said...

I always admire you adding the Chinese elements into your design but still make it modern! Can't wait to see the whole collection! Congrats!