Friday, 18 February 2011

Naive Days 2011 Spring / Summer "My China Girl 3----Black Clothing Fits to My Black Hair:)"


Come to my online store by the end of February:)


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Beautiful!! So dramatic. I love it!

kitchu said...

oh my gosh! LOVE. must have. where do i order one??

Fei An said...

Dear K, thanks, I am flattered.
The piece will come to my online shop in the end of February:)

sonoko said...

I am enjoy greatly your new collections,and Anja is a special
girl for me!!! I love her speaking eyes very much.
Although Sara is 3 Years old and 93cm(she is a little below average height),Can I bought a your collection for her?
I am looking forword to waiting your other collections.
Thank you,dear Fei An.Have a nice weekend!

Christine said...

so lovely!

alliot + iza said...

Such a lovely collection Fei An!
Anja is always cheerful and gentle. Love her smile.
I heart the 5th picture most :)
Wish to see Anette in your pictures.
Miss her!

kenza said...

Oh I love all this series of photos! She is so sweet! Many kisses and thanks for your visits (they warm my heart) and gentle comments.

Fei An said...

Yes, dear Sonoko,

Of course, We do have size for 3-4 years old. However, you must not feel obliged to buy anything from me. I am not here to make friends to sell things:)
Have a good start of a nice week!

Yoli said...

These season you are creating even more beauty! As you know eventually I will have to have one of them since Sally's favorite color is black.

Fei An said...

Thanks, Yoli, I will keep one for you. There are not some many pieces of this design with embroidery. Actually it is the embroidery that I don't have much as last time:) Thanks again for your support all the time, dear Yoli!

Amélie said...

It seems that I had missed this beautiful post !
You're amazing Fei An, you creations as well as your photos. I love this black series too.
The most difficult thing from now will be to make up our mind: which one do we like best between the black and the white ones ?

Fei An said...

Dear Amelie, thank you and take your time to decide:)