Saturday, 26 February 2011

Naive Days 2011 Spring / Summer Collection" Jasmine Bloom 茉莉花开 " 4 提琴 "Cello"

This is my viola with which Anette is playing and she is pretending that the viola it is her cello or guitar:)

I rent a viola in order to practice together with Anja and have some fun.

100% linen white summer skirt comes to my online shop in 8th of March 2011.


kenza said...

Oh! She is so so cool! Your photos are amazing!

alliot + iza said...

Love the polka dots tights!! Are these for sale too?
This is another magical series of pictures.
Dear Fei An, you should edit a style board / style sheet (what ever it calls) with these wonderful pictures you have taken to illustrate your concept of this season ... it would be amazing!
I see the image picture of your shop and your site "portrait" has been changed:) Cool!!!! It's stylish!

Fei An said...
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Fei An said...

I bought the the polka dots tights from H&M :p)

Yes, I will do a style board, and re-edit the website. Thanks for your reminding, dear Alliot. I am doing this all by myself, so I really appreciate your comments, suggestions and taking part in the " sailing of Naive Days".

Almost start to wait for your comment right after posting the pictures:p) I have been happy for these days seeing your comments following each of the post:)

sonoko said...

You told me little girls can wear black and white clothes as beautifully as ladies.
I was so happy to see Anja's and Anette's various lovely expressions with your new collections.
Have a wonderful week!

Amélie said...

Dear fei An, I'm really impressed by all you now collection.
These Cello series pictures are lovely two. I so much like Anette expression on these... it'd be too long to name my favourite photos !
When I started to sew myself two years ago, I progressively stopped buying Elsa any new clothes... but then I discovered your clothes, there're so magical.

Fei An said...

Dear Sonoko, Thanks for your nice comments. I was a little bit tired of all the pink for girls in shops, just too much. I also think it is boring if all the children dress in the same " cute and sweet" style. Then I figure it out that I love to dress my girls in Black, white, blue ,the color of my childhood, and etc. sometimes, pink, as well:)
The fun part for this is to try out new things and colors:) I will write a short post to talk a bit about the concept of this new collection.
Have a nice week!

Fei An said...

Dear Amelie, I am so flattered and honored to read your comments. I would definitely improve myself and not let you down.

You understand the feeling of sewing cloth for our children. I really wish to transfer this kind of feelings to more beautiful children with the stitching and the time passing through my finger. .. The cloth is with emotions and feelings. I felt it when I was wearing the clothing my Mom sewed for me. I will and am doing the same now. It is a blessing that I got it.

Have a nice start of a new week!

kitchu said...

oh she looks so beautiful in all that white with those polka dot tights!! stunning. you are so talented Fei An!

Yoli said...

That entire look with the polka dot tights is stunning!