Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Present from Pappa

Sometimes I wonder why I marry myself to a scientist husband. I don't understand much what he talks about...... physics, light, electricity, wave and etc. I admire women who have artist, designer, architect, photographer husbands...... only name a few. However, I am kind of surprised how much the kids enjoyed the Christmas presents from their father: one disco light ball and one set of walkie-talkie.

The girls jumped up and down when disco ball was spinning with the music, and I had never seen them behaving so high! The girls (7 years and 5 years old ) walked 2.5 km home in a windy and cold day all by them selv armed with the walkie-talkie (real one, for adult use, not toy). They just want show us they are cool kids with the walkie-talkie. Anette did not complain a single word during the trip with her big sister while she usually does with us on trips.

I have to say that I had been too much focused on the aesthetic part of things while neglected the science part, of which children should enjoy more. Science is truly a wonderful part of the children's world. At this point, it is kind of nice to have a scientist husband. I begin to appreciate his knowledge and perspectives. I wanna my children to embrace the whole beautiful world but not only part of it.


Di said...

It looks like so much fun over at your place! Disco ball is a great idea.

Science - just as important as art - and also a very creative process - just using the creative and logical sections of your brain slightly differently. If it wasn't for scientists thinking outside the box we'd never have so many of the great things we take for granted are right to encourage the girls to look at it all!

I hope that the disco ball leads to lots of fun at New YEar!

To 2011!!

Yoli said...

Leonardo Da Vinci, the perfect marriage of art and science. I think your girls will look at the world pretty much like Leonardo. They have their beautiful creative mother and their scientist Pappa. They have the best of both worlds. Love the disco ball and we also got our kids walkie talkies. They are an endless source of entertainment.

Yanyan said...

I can feel the joy through your lenses. What a great idea the Disco ball is! I would have never thought to buy it myself! Bravo, the scientist pappa! :) Happy New Year dear Fei An!! We have been talking about visit Finland in the new year and I was immediately thinking make a trip to Norway to see you and your beautiful girls:)

sonoko said...

When I saw these photos, I knew for the first time that Disco balls were so beautiful.
I was so happy this year to know each other.Thank you so much.
I wish you a Happy New Year!

alliot / iza said...

Wonderful presents and joyful moments.
Happy new year my dear Fei An and send my hugs to sweet Anja and anette.

kenza said...

This is fantastic!
Happy new year my sweet one! May it be full of love! I am so happy to have met you this year, and look forward to sharing more this new one. Many kisses to all especially to you!

kitchu said...

what a wonderful gift. i love how you capture the joy on their faces!