Saturday, 27 November 2010

Her Fishtank




Music Sharing: Oliver Shanti - Spring In Lhasa 

PS: I am having a fever of taking pictures and updating this blog,and will be back to normal again soon. I think....

Anette is taking a break from being my model. She thinks it is boring ;) 

Anja is a very nice girl (no problem to be the girl in front of  Mom's camera:)  And she will play her the second little concert tomorrow ;)

Very cold outside, we do a lot of things indoor instead. 


kitchu said...

well i love all the updates and i understand about having that camera fever :) keep warm!

kenza said...

Oh please keep the posts coming. They are fabulous! And the photos... the fish and the smile. Lovely! Thanks for the music, one of my favorites!

Ulrika said...

Cute, cute! Stay warm Fei An.

sonoko said...

This fish is so happy to be taken care of by her.
You warmly welcome your blog readers. Your blog is so wonderful.

Yoli said...

Love her fish tank and her beautiful face! Please do not stop posting your wonderful images!