Wednesday, 13 October 2010

One Summer Day

Saying good bye to the autumn of 2010. We are ready to embracing the snowing days.  It already starts to snow in the north part of Norway.  I think these are the last pieces of summer picture of the girls. A small break from my creating work, I am calming down and reading books since this past weekend.


sonoko said...

Dear Fei An,
you live in so wonderful town!!!
In Japan , Autum has just come.
and The shop link that you want to know is" "

alliot / iza said...

Like Japan, Autumn has just come in HK. And, i know it will soon be away. Autumn is such a beautiful season :)
It seems that the last Autumn was just yesterday ... time really flies.
Thanks for sharing the beauty of Norway and your little girls :)
Have a nice day!

Yanyan said...

I miss autumn, my favorite season. Anette 的发色就是颜颜阿姨想染的发色!