Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wreath 花环

Anja made this wreath for her little sister. I am amazed what she can manage to make. I don't know how to make it, honestly. And I introduce our Mr. Black Cat this time. He is an old friend of Anja and Anette while I don't know who is his host. He is just wandering in front of our house and play with the girls sometime.

Bit slow this period of time, will catch up with your ladies.


alliot / iza said...

What a delight to see new pictures from you dear Fei An! Such freshness and pureness.
The color of your pictures is sublime! Love the sepia in contrast with the fresh green and yellow ...
Anette is angelic. Love her gentle face and graceful smiles.
Anja has made a wonderful wreath ... I would also love to have one :)
How lovely to meet Mr. black ... it seems there is always a fine link between Anja, Anette and iza :)
Have a wonderful summer time!

kenza said...

Oh! lovely summer fairy! She brings light and joy!

Karumen said...

the wreath is so perfectly made to match anette's face! seeing your photos are always refreshing! :)

Yanyan said...

Dear Fei An, I just received the little hat you knitted for Mei Mei. Thank you so much. I am really touched. It is so beautiful and soft, there is nothing more special than a handmade piece from a friend.

Your girls are beautiful, and what a wonderful wreath that is.

Thanks again!! Yanyan

Di said...

The wreath is beautiful! I am impressed - Anja is very skilled. It looks so good on Anette!

I posted the parcel of samples to you this afternoon so I hope it arrives safely!