Monday, 5 April 2010

The Last Day of Easter

It is yellow everywhere in Norway because of the Easter. Anja and Anette did some drawing with the eggs but not dyeing. It is strange Atle had never suggested to do the dyeing of the eggs, or they don't do it in Norway? Will ask mother-in-law next time. I am so innocent about all these western customs since I am a chinese who was grown up in the mainland China.

It feels a quite long easter season since we drove to the cottage in the mountain a few days before easter. Everything will go back to normal tomorrow. Took a lot picutes, and will post them backwards .... pictures of the last day of Easter first.

It is getting warmer and girls can do the biking again!!!


alliot said...

I miss you, Fei An!!! So happy to see Anette's and Anja's lovely faces again and their funny expressions! They look gorgeous in your designs.

I can imagine that it must be fresh and full of vitality there in Norway, now everywhere is yellow after the long white season. The distinct seasonal changes always refresh our senses ...

I don't know the Easter custom either :) I only remembered we hunted for chocolate eggs outdoor when I was still young. However, once I saw dyed eggs from the net, i think it's fun to do so:)
Here's a link :

Have a nice week!!

Di said...

Happy Easter! I hope that you had a great week away. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

Drawing on eggs is just as good as dyeing them but maybe next year you can use all the things you found out on blogs and dye some eggs - it's really interesting to see how natural items such as onion skins dye things.

We used to roll eggs on Easter Sunday to symbolise the moving of the rock in front of the cave where Jesus lay. That was the symbolism of the egg rolling and I think the egg also symbolised Spring and re-birth.

I am glad that the girls can get outside again on their bikes - they are always so much fun! Roll on spring!

Fei An said...

Alliot, thanks for the link. I will try to do it next year:)

Di, thanks so much for your information, so I got to know a little bit more now about the easter. Will sure to read it more next easter since I live here in North europe. Anja will get a new bike since the one she has now is too small for her. The little sister will inherit Anja's bike:) Have a nice spring!