Sunday, 7 March 2010

On the Train

Anja and I took a train to Oslo to see a film this Saturday. She seldom uses public transportation, so she was quite excited to take the train. She took along her best friend-the little dog, whose name is Yaofo. (耀福? in Chinese, maybe??? Anja gave this name to the little dog) . The little dog is the same old as Anja, and both are 6 and half year old now----Anja got it as a present when she was born. She talked to Yaofo all the way back and forth, it is amazing that she tried to explain to him everything outside the window with bigger patience than I usually have:p.

安雅的笑眼儿,一点都没有变,小贝比时就是这样 。
  1. 安雅的牙齿,真的是一点蛀牙都没有哦。掉了两颗牙齿了,都已经重新长得差不多了。掉牙那天象是发生了好像什么似的非常重大事件,兴奋无比。因为传说中的牙神仙会在夜里来取走泡在水杯里的牙齿,并留下20块钱。至今为止,牙神仙已经送来40块钱了 。
  2. 安雅星期五说在学校她捡了100块钱,立刻交给了老师。老师立刻奖励了她两朵小红花,那一天班里只有她一个人得到了小红花 。
  3. 我们住的房子在国内叫做联体别墅,这儿就叫所谓的排屋吧。四家住,整体感觉还挺大的。某日,我说,安雅,妈妈太辛苦了,又要给你们做饭,洗澡,洗衣服,收拾房间,和你一起做功课,那你能为妈妈做点什么呢。安雅说,你说呢。老妈说,等你长大了给妈妈买个大房子吧 。 安雅说,多大的房子呢,那整个排屋够大吗。真是超乎老妈的expectation 啊,哈哈。 Anette 在旁边接着说,妈妈我要给你买大汽车!!!老妈问: 多大呢,象公共汽车那么大 Anette说,那太大了,就买个旅行拖车那么大的车,可以在外边睡觉 。
  4. 安雅最近很喜欢向我显摆她会说中文。我很喜欢乱给她起名字。某日,我冲安雅喊: 小贝儿,过来。。安雅喊回来: 大妈,干嘛。 什么意思,大妈!!!


kenza said...

oh! too adorable! love the photos!

Ulrika said...

The series of the little girl is so cute!
I like your blog :)
Thanks also for your sweet comment on "Hello hiki"!

Di said...

I am glad that she enjoyed the train journey! It's lovely when kids enjoy the things that we take for granted.

Have a great week!

Yanyan said...

Love to read the Chinese post, Your English ones are wonderful too :) but still feel different when read them in Chinese.