Monday, 15 March 2010

Go to Library


I took Anette with me to the library this saturday. I wished she would be very interested in all the books. However, the library seems obviously a new playground to her. She was more interested in sitting and trying out different chairs than browsing the books:(.

So happyyyyy.... go to the library!!!

Check the mailbox by the way, haha, Papa got a big bill!

Ok, Mother said people ususlly don't show so much excitement when they got a big bill!!!



kenza said...

Precious! Especially the ones with the red chair--with the white shirt lovely contrast. And by the way, her shirt is really nice! Have a wonderful week.

Yanyan said...

Very nice pictures!

Di said...

It does look like a great playground - one for the body as well as one for the mind!

alliot said...

Dear lovely Fei An,
Miss you!
So glad to see this beautiful series. You've captured the free spirit of Anette.
The dress is lovely. Is your line ready now??
I'm looking forward to it!

Fei An said...

Dear perfect Alliot,
Miss you too:)
I am working on constructing the website and online shop now. The plan is to lanch online shop in April. The line is almost ready, but not many pieces. Thinking about a sofe start and then build up on it!!!
It seems you are very busy, take care!!! Have a good week end.