Thursday, 11 February 2010

Climbing a Big Snow Hill in the Hafjell Mountains - Part 2



Friend in the pictures is challenging me to climb the big snow hill (lefthand highest point).

Not so dangerous comparing to ski down from the scarry slope:( ,
however, it was diffiuclt enough to go up because of the deep snow.
For the sake of taking good pictures, I did manage to the top.
half - way

the top----big wind which brings freedom and strengh!!!
I failed to capture how the wind blows up snows in the surface of the ground.


The last picture is the one I got from my girlfriend. The tiny figure is me who was taking pictures. I like it, because I like it:)


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh, so pretty! It's like a magical world! I just love your snow pictures.

kenza said...

these are beautiful photos! these open skies, the wind, yes you did manage to capture the magic! thank you for posting these. Have a lovely week end.

Yanyan said...

How beautiful...Looking at the photos, makes me feel I could breath the crisp clean cold air. Love the first picture with your daughter hide her face in the neck warmer! A Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

alliot said...

These are breathtaking!!! You went beyond the clouds!
Thanks so much for bringing us fresh clean air from Norway :)
Once you've mentioned that "...Iza is not a six years girl, she acts differently and "elderly", I mean it positively..." Yes, iza is a bit mature, she's quite able to communicate pretty complicated concepts. Especially when looking at her through stills, she looks like +8 or above. But she's not that kind of quiet and sophisticated girl. She's a bit wild. She is extremely active, noisy, lousy and messy. She runs, dashes, spins, jumps, climbs, laughs and talks so loud! To me, she's just an insane person, a wild child :) She can be a very easy person to someone but an extremely difficult person to the other. I love her extremes but am also scared by her.
Because of her complexity, my life becomes more challenging.

Fei An said...

Yes, Alliot, Iza is a special and extremely gifted child, that is why she is "wild" is becasue she has a very free spirit!!! She might need some special way to be treated or educated but not the normal way of education, I am not so sure about that. And I understand what you are talking about the "challenging" issue. However, she has you----such a wise mother who pays so much attention to her...she will grow up to be a great woman. Alliot, there is a reason that Iza was born into your family and you are her mother. I believe God has made the best arrangment. Good luck!!! Everything will be fine:)