Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Post Card and the Place Mat

Got a postcard from a blog friend in Shanghai. I love her photos. I don't remember when it was the last time that I received a postcard from a friend. 

I used two evenings to stitch the place mat and fabric, which I bought from China, is hand- dyed and hand-weaved.  I love the authentic and basic feelings of the fabric. The texture and color of the fabric is so nice! It is a pity that I can not manage to find enough and stable supplies of this kind of fabric, otherwise, I would like to make all the children's clothing using this kind of fabric. However, it comes to me that  why not try out some home deco products. Here is my first try:)


caramelcaramelo said...

your first try! they are wonderful. I am really impressed! Have a lovely week end! kenza.

Yanyan said...

The placemat is beautiful, very time consuming it looks. We have a terrible storm here today. Hope you are having some sunshine in the north. Yanyan

alliot said...

Very impressive piece!!!
I love sooo much the texture and color of the fabric and also the hand feel of all your stitches!
If it is made into a piece of children's clothing, it would be a gorgeous piece!
Fei An, keep on!!!