Saturday, 30 January 2010

A little Uplate of Busy Anja

Anja is busy with her school life. Goes skating or skiing in the weekend or sleeps overnight at girlfriend's place. We had been to the parents meeting this week. Her teacher was quite careful at trying not to compare Anja to any others in the class. However, she accidently mentioned that Anja is among the group of students of the highest level, so different students have the right thing to learn at school. I was secretly happy about this. At least, I know she is doing fine at school.
There will be no exams during the whole primary school days, and I am quite happy with it. The only thing I pay attention is not to let her to lose curiosity and to make sure that she is willingly to learn new things in a happy way. I don't mind so much that she would become a happy ordinary women with an ordinary life "in the end". It seems not that difficult to get into a university here in Norway, so I am quite relaxed with this. I would be happier if she becomes a book lover and likes to travel around the world. The only thing I care is that she is a happy kid and happy young lady later on. I know people who was elite, from top university, made big money, got depression and killed himself or herself in the end, what is that for?


Yanyan said...

I like her smile, 非常有感染力!

Karumen said...

she's such a lovely girl! and yes, all pressures in life will come with age and time, no need to enforce it early on!

Karumen said...

thanks for dropping by! :D

no i used to live in japan for just 8 months back in i've moved back to hk.

i see that you currently live with your family in norway? how do you love it there? :D i wish i can go visit northern europe stimes next year, to catch the northern lights~ hehe

kenza said...

oh! so lovely and sweet as usual. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and photos with us. Kenza.

Fei An said...

Dear Karumen,
I have been living here for almost 9 years without seeing a trace of Northenlight:( Of course, I had never gone to the North in the darkest period and never been waiting at somewhere as the toursits usually do, to see the northen light. You do have a chance if you come to North of Norway to see northenlight in the winter time when it is very dark! Good luck!