Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mountain Mist

I am working on a small collection of woman cloting together with 2 girlfriends in China since Augest. We are mainly targeting the China Market. The samples arrived last week. How do I feel? two words:not easy. Just do and see what it will be. I think it is probably easier not to cooperate with others, lots of noise. I wish I could spend more time and energy on my own Naive Days project.

Time flies. It is December again. The year is almost over. Soon it will be Chiristmas. It is getting colder and colder. I need to do something to cheer myself up a bit. Just have lots of thinking in my head, the noise bothers me a bit. Plus, really a lot to do to prepare for the Christmas!


alliot said...

Feian, you have done a GREAT job!
You are talented!!
Your dream will soon come true.
I love your Naive Days project ... I wish to see iza wearing your creation :)

feian said...

Alliot, thanks for your nice words and encouragement. I will try my best. The naive days project is progressig slowing while it is progressing, indeed. A lot back and forth since I am here and the pattern maker is in China. Well, there is a hope anyway...need lots of patience and hard work. I wish Iza can wear clothing from Naive Days next February.