Monday, 14 December 2009

Little St. Lucia Parade in the Kidgarden


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh, oh, how LOVELY! Your daughter is the perfect angel!

Gillian said...

So perfectly perfect. I love the St.Lucia traditions of Scandinavia. So very beautiful. One day she will be Lucia Queen! xo

alliot said...

Such a beautiful angel !!!! So lovely !
Love her gentleness.
We don't have St. Lucia day in HK ... it's a pity ... iza was just dressed up for the school X'mas party.
Originally, I planned to use felt to make a pair of wings ... but ... I even haven't got the time to buy materials :(
therefore, I used thick water paper to make the wings.
Quite unexpected, it is a very good material for paper sculpting!

feian said...

Alliot, I am so impressed by the wings, so simple and livly! It is a pity that you always are so busy, otherwise, I 'd like to see more of your design works. I like felt as well, will try to make more thing of felt later on:)