Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Growing up to be big :)

Anja met her cousin Kelvin yesterday at the annual Christmas family gathering. I did not expect both Anja and Kelvin became very shy to each other. It is fun to think back where they were younger and played together so well:) And suddenly, they are big children now. Anja is 6 and Kelvin is 11. Time flies.

About two year ago, Anja and Kelvin were having fun together at another family gathering.
5-year-old Kelvin visited new born Anja:)


alliot said...

Blissful new year! May peace and joy be with your lovely family!
It's such an interesting post and juxtaposition. You've keep a good record on their growth. One can sense the delicate change in their expressions.
I'm SO glad that we can come into each other's little sphere in 2009.
Warmest regards from HK!

feian said...

Yes Alliot, to me, one of the most beautiful things happend is that we came into each other's little sphere in 2009. And I am in a whole new beautiful world which you have brought to me! 哈哈,我在想话怎么说才能不那么肉麻。但真的是这样:你就像一颗给我指路的星星。以后有机会在解释给你我怎么会有如此的感觉吧。总之,感谢你的出现,美丽的2009,一颗感怀的心。
Sincerce regard from Norway.

Gillian said...

Happy New Year!~~!

feian said...

Hi,Gillian, Happy New Year:)!!!

Di said...

These are cute family moments! It's funny how the age gap is not so important when you are younger, seems vast when you are a teenager and then narrows again as you grow older.....most of my friends now are 5 to 8 years younger than me and when I think of my 20 year old self having a 12 year old friend it seems strange but a 40 year old with a 32 year old friend is not strange .

Happy 2010!

Anja, Anette and Fei An (the mother) said...

Yes, Di, what you say is true. My husband is 5 years younger than me, but I don't feel so much. It was a big gap when people were much younger. Happy New Year to you too!:)