Friday, 18 December 2009

-13° Today + Grandma's Treasure

It is -13° outside - a cold day outside. The first picture is Anette's kidgarden. I took this picture from the second floor of our house. I think they will stay inside all day long.

Found two pairs of shoes of Atle (Papa of Anja and Anette) which he used when he was little. Anja and Anette used them as well when they were little. I suppose that my grandchildren would use them too some years later. Typical scandinavian shoes for children with a traditional style. The wool sweater was knitted by Atle's grandma and I can feel the warmth and the love.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Gorgeous shoes! I so covet them! And.. you are so fortunate that you can see their kindergarten from your home!
Much warmer in Colorado this week, but it typically turns very cold in January, so I expect a change soon!

Happy Holidays and much love to your family! OX

alliot said...

It's precious to have something which can be passed from generation to generation. The shoes and sweater are treasures!
Agreed with Maia that you are fortunate that you can see the school from your home! I love to view iza from distant, especially she does bot notice I'm there!

alliot said...

Sorry, typing mistakes...should be "not", not "bot" :p

feian said...

Maia, and Alliot,

Thanks for the nice words.

It is Anette's kidgarden while Anja is going to another primary school 5 minutes away by car. It brings me much convenience to have their kidgarden so near( Anja, the big one)had been there for 4 years before she started school this fall. Anette will be in the kidgarden for another 2 year.

Di said...

The shoes are amazing! I love that you can hand them down through the must have been so lovely that your children could wear them.