Friday, 6 November 2009

Naive Days Project

It is a "very big" dream of mine to make a small collection of children clothing.
I did the drawing and the design, and tailor in Beijing made this blue dress. Alliot, I said I would show you this piece of dress which is made of chinese tradional dyed and hand-weaved fabric the other day. Here it is , the clothmaking process took longer time than I expected and is not that simple as I thought.

There is a hope, anyway, as long as it is slow progressing, I wish. There are a few more sample clothing which are on the way to Norway now, I hope there are well tailored according to my specification.

I also spend some time to find the "right" fabric. The right fabric seems bit expensive since it is hand- dyed and hand-weaved. I like the color and texture a lot. The first picture is the same kind of fabric which I bought in Beijing.


alliot said...

Such a great piece of blue dress!
I'm thrilled and honoured to witness the birth of your new brand! A beautiful name!
I deeply in love with your choice on hand-dyed and hand-weaved fabric. It's authentic and basic.
I can't wait to dress iza with your collections!
Sincerely wish you every success!
I have some to share with you on Chinese clothing...but need some time to organise...
I'm so happy to know you ... thanks for sharing!

feian said...

Thanks, Alliot, for your nice encouraging!!! I will really make a good effort to make things happen:)
I know, you are my angel, the first time you left me a message...
So happy that you will share chinese clothing with me! Take your time, I can wait:)
Which size does Iza use normally for her dress? She looks taller than the normal 6 years old, doesn't she? Have a good week!