Friday, 13 November 2009

A few more Autumn Pictures

A few more autumn pictures before everything is covered by snow. It will be a long winter in north europe before snow melts in the March next year. I had never been enjoying so much just by watch the details of the great nature! I had never thought it would feel so delightful to take pictures of trees, flowers, frost, field, sky, forest and the so on... What marvelous colors exist there in this beautiful world! I am so grateful to people from blogspot,who gives me so much inspiration and open my eyes to a totally new world.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous shots! The frost and the berries, the colors...wonderful!

lovepics said...

beautiful pictures... love the first one!

alliot said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
Do you live near by the sea? I can see some shells.
They are just precious!!
It's such a great pleasure to see the wonderful Nature in details. She tells stories in every small and inconspicuous.

feian said...

Hi, Alliot, The sea is not so far away from where we live while it is not a walking distance. We decorate our flower bed with shells which we collected from seashore of sourch of Norway. We usually have holidays in the summer house by the sea in the South of Norway:)