Tuesday, 20 October 2009


The good thing about writing this blog is to keep my heart and soul open to the beautiful details of daily life and the great nature. It is also encouraging to see people updating their blog often.
I also need to be not so lazy at doing things...updating blog, for an example.
Yes, the food.... I tried to take pictures while making dinner tonight. It seems possible:) ....I thought I must be extremly bothering. The kitchen wall looks not as clean as it actually is!!!. Maybe I should learn from the Singaporean ladies to clean up the wall using tooth brush?
Our dinner: chicken salat, bread and water. Sometimes, I write some norwegian words without noticing that they are norwegian words. Salat is actually "salad" in norwegian. They are too similar, plus english is not my mother tongue neither:), so , I always mess up.

Have seen a good movie Okuribito (2008). Very touching, very!!! It has been a long time since I was so touched by a movie.


alliot said...

Oh! You have a more western diet. Do your little girls love Chinese food??
Ha! using tooth brush is a good idea.
I haven't got a chance to see Okuribito (2008) yet. Before iza was born, ziggy and I were films freaks ... during film festival in HK, we watched 3 -5 films per day ... we had a highest record of viewing +40 films within 2 weeks. But now, we rarely go to cinemas. Hope one day, we can bring iza to film festival, then we can "eat" the films again :)

feian said...

Haha, I make chinese food 80% of the time! It was just easier to take pictures while making salad other than chinese food! Yes, the girls think chinese food is much better than Norwegian food:)

I just found a place online to watch film, which is called 乐鱼,and you can search whatever film you want to watch with good quality. It is not so easy for me to go to see films in the cinma neither. I miss the eastern culture,so it is a good solution to see film online. Of course, it is always more enjoyable to go to the cinma to see a film.
I think you are lucky to have Ziggy. Anja's papa is a scientist and he is only interest in science and computer. For once, we went to see an Iranian film and he fell to sleep during the film :()